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LED PAR16 P16-L380-C30-B38-W 3000K, 6W

LED PAR16 P16-L380-C30-B38-W 3000K, 6W

Verbatim Part #: 98631

The Verbatim Contour Series 3000K PAR16 LED lamp is a high-quality, energy efficient 35-watt replacement lamp. Contour Series PAR16 3000K lamps utilize Thru-Vent Technology, which allows air to pass through the casing of the lamp and maximizes the surface area of the heat sink - without visible heat sink fins. The result is a smooth, streamlined exterior that closely resembles the appearance of traditional halogen PAR16 lamps. Suitable for use in track and mini recessed fixtures, the 3000K PAR 16 LED lamp is ideal for accent lighting in both commercial and residential environments. In addition, Contour Series PAR16 LED lamps feature non-glare optics and are fully dimmable. Backed by Verbatim's 5-year limited warranty, the 3000K PAR16 LED lamp has an estimated design lifetime of 35,000 hours*, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs when compared to halogen lamps.

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