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PAR 38 2700K Lamp

PAR 38 2700K Lamp

Verbatim Part #: 97587

Verbatim's PAR38 LED lamp is a high-quality, energy-efficient screw-in replacement for a 75 watt halogen lamp. Available in warm white color temperature (2700K), this LED lamp can reduce energy consumption by more than 70% when compared to a standard halogen PAR38 lamp. This LED lamp's estimated lifetime of 40,000 hours (vs. 2,500 with a halogen PAR38) results in much lower maintenance and replacement cost, saving you money as you commit to protecting our environment. The product is backed by Verbatim's 5-year limited warranty.


Why use Verbatim LED bulbs?

Quality of Light:
This bulb produces a warm white light similar to a quality halogen bulb. The beam angle is 25 degrees, providing a narrow flood light pattern. Unlike halogen bulbs, LED bulbs do not radiate heat or ultra-violet rays, which can degrade fabric or artwork colors.

Energy Efficient/Long Life:
Using less than 20 watts of energy to produce the same light output as a 75W halogen bulb, this Verbatim LED lamp is more than over 70% more efficient. Longer life means less shopping trips and less replacement, especially important if the bulb is located in a hard to reach location. Also, the higher initial cost of LED lighting is recovered after just 13% of the bulb lifetime.

PAR38 Halogen
Life of bulbs (hrs)
Power Consumed (kWh) over bulb life
Cost of Power Consumed ($0.11/kWhr)
Purchase Cost
Purchase Cost over LED bulb lifetime
Co2 Emissions (lbs)
Total Cost over bulb lifetime
$344.20 Savings!
While you enjoy the warm white comfortable light of the Verbatim PAR38 you are saving money. Over its lifetime, due to its energy efficiency, you will save over 70% on your electricity bill, $46.20* over the lifetime of the bulb. Plus you will save the cost of replacing about 15 halogen bulbs, based on average halogen life of 2,500 hours. Because it produces less heat, Verbatim's MR16 bulb also saves on air conditioning.

Environmentally Friendly:
Less electricity use means less fossil fuel to pollute our environment. In the United States, 1 kWhr of electricity generation produces 1.34 pounds of CO2. Considering electricity use alone, this bulb saves 2,975 pounds of CO2 being released into the environment.

Considerations when upgrading to an LED lamp

The Verbatim PAR38 bulb is compatible with most dimmers.

Because LED bulbs dissipate heat at the bulb and they integrate an electronic circuit they need to have air space around them to allow convective cooling. Thus LED bulbs are not recommended for fully-enclosed fixtures.

Lumens vs. Watts
Luminous flux, measured in lumens, is a measure of the perceived power of light. Simply put, more lumens = higher brightness. Consumers are used to purchasing light bulbs based on watts (we know that a 60W bulb is brighter than a 40W bulb). But watts is a measure of power consumed, not actual brightness. Because LED bulbs use much less power than traditional bulbs, watts cannot be used as a measuring stick any longer. To judge brightness, we need to compare lumens when replacing traditional bulbs with LED bulbs.
Watts is a measurement of the rate of energy used. LED bulbs are typically 4-5 times more efficient than incandescent or halogen lamps. However, watts should not be used to judge the appearance or brightness of an LED bulb. In general, lower wattage for the same amount of lumen output is preferable when choosing an LED bulb.

Color Temperature
Correlated color temperature (CCT), measured in degrees Kelvin (K), is a measure of the color appearance of light. Lower color temperatures are perceived as yellowish or “warm”, and higher color temperatures are perceived as more bluish, or “cool”. Incandescent bulbs have a typical CCT = 2700K, and halogen lights have a typical CCT = 3000K. The CCT of sunlight is 6000K. Color temperature should be chosen based on personal preference and the lighting purpose.


*Assumes average US electricity rates of $0.11/kWhr.

Your Price:   $25.99 USD


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