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Mini DV Cleaning Kit

Mini DV Cleaning Kit

Verbatim Part #: 95447

Camcorder maintenance is essential for consistent high quality video and audio playback. Verbatim's Mini DV Cleaning Kit eliminates dust and dirt buildup that can collect on the camcorder heads. With each use, the dry type head cleaning tape safely and effectively removes particles from the camcorder heads allowing for clear sound and image production. Simply insert the head cleaning tape into your camcorder. Start the cleaning process by pressing play. The cleaning process will take approximately 10 seconds, upon completion press stop. Remove the head cleaning tape from your camcorder; be careful not to rewind the tape. Store the head cleaning tape for future use. As a bonus with the purchase of a DVD Camcorder Cleaning Kit, a Screen Cleaning Kit has been included. Each kit includes one re-usable towel with a non-alcohol solution for cleaning computer monitors and television screens.

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