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Ultra Slim Power Pack

Ultra Slim Power Pack

Verbatim Part #: 97929

Now you can talk longer, listen to more music, play more games, watch more videos without worrying about running out of battery life with Verbatimís Power Pack Chargers! Use the Power Packs to charge a wide range of devices such as iPhones, iPods, eReaders and micro-USB charged phones or wireless Bluetooth headsets. Lightweight and slim form factor makes it convenient to carry in case of the need for emergency power making them ideal for business or leisure travel, road trips, outdoor excursions and more. Whether you need to charge your iPad or Bluetooth Headset, Verbatim has a solution for you!
  • 1200mAh Lithium Polymer
  • Input (USB): 5VDC, 1A Max
  • Output (USB): 5VDC, 1A Max
  • Battery Capacity: 4.5Wh (1200mAh)
  • Physical Size: 80 x 62 x 10mm
  • Weight: 54g (0.121 lb)
  • Battery Cycle Life: 500 times
  • Lithium Battery Energy Content (Watt Hours): 4.58
  • Weight of Lithium (Grams): 27 (0.059 lb)
  • Lithium Battery Voltage (Volts): 3.7
  • Number of Lithium Polymer Cells: 1

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